IE_logo.jpgIntegrative Economy

This site has been set up as a way to explore the idea that the world is changing from an Industrial economy to an Integrative economy.

We are using the term “Integrative Economy”.  There are all sorts of names that could be used instead, but we settled on an Integrative Economy because we believe it reflects what the next economy will be; one that “integrates” the best of the past economies–agricultural, industrial, service and the current knowledge economy.  There were good things in all of these previous economies but none of them today is sufficient for the world we live in now.

The new, Integrative Economy will add new dimensions along with many features of the past.  We’ve developed this site as a way for us to discuss the concepts of IE (Integrative Economy) and to explore ways it can be implemented.  Initially, if you’re visiting the site for the first time, we ask that you read the materials under the “Concepts” heading as a baseline framework for understanding.  From that, feedback and even new articles/blogs can and will be added.

.As we have said at the end of the Integrative Economy “booklet   “….we have no delusion that these ideas will be implemented very soon. But we are sure that dialogues around this idea are important.  We ask that any comments you make be respectful and open to the ideas placed here.  Because that’s all this is right now–ideas.