Chuck McCaffree



Charles “Chuck” McCaffree

Strategic & Organizational Design Consultant, Non-Profit Volunteer

Chuck is a social activist and strategic and organizational design consultant interested in non-profits with a social change focus. He is committed to building a great future for all. It is his intention to honor, connect and engage in relationships that build strong, enduring societies. He has a life-long interest and involvement in social relationships, leadership and institutional change projects. These include a youth teen center; local election campaigns, a corporate/environmental forum, a local Multiple Sclerosis Society chapter, youth training and development, a elected school board position, corporate technical and marketing training, social change workshops, and, most recently, volunteer work with three non-profits, Integrative Economy Commons, Global Visionaries and The Center for Partnership Studies.

Chuck is a former technical and marketing manager with global experience. He worked 40 years for a major corporation; mostly in petrochemical additives. His experiences involved technical research, technical sales and marketing, new business development, organizational development, strategic planning, technical and marketing training and personnel management. His work involved living in five different locations in the U.S and living overseas for five years. For the last twenty years his work was international in scope during which time he traveled in all parts of the world. He is a graduate of the University of Washington with a BA degree in Chemistry.

Since leaving corporate work in 2005, Chuck completed a MA in Education degree with a concentration in Partnership Education from Goddard College. His thesis, Bring on the Movement: Establishing a Partnership Model in Society, provides a comprehensive assessment of ideas by Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator and influential “Popular Education” theorists and Riane Eisler, social scientist and social activists know for her work in Cultural Transformation theory. Chuck’s thesis combines their ideas into a methodology for social change.

Putting theory into practice Chuck currently is a principal consultant with Ann Kramer in their development of her Integrative Economy Commons and Integrative Community Ventures projects. He also volunteers at Global Visionaries, a Seattle-based youth leadership non-profit implementing the Freirean ideas of Popular and Participatory Education. Chuck worked with Riane Eisler for several years providing volunteer management support for the CPS’ website redesign and provided strategic and organizational consulting for the design of potential grassroots programming.


Chuck and his wife Lee are the parents of four daughters and the proud grandparents of nine young caretakers of the world we are building! They live in Orinda, CA