Integrative Economy and this site evolved from a conversation that started between Ann G. Kramer, Ed.S LPC and Chuck McCaffree.  (See bios under the About heading)

We wrote a short booklet called “An Integrative Economy–building the most vibrant economy ever imagined” as a result of those discussions.  That ‘booklet’ is available here on the website under the “Concepts” heading.  There are 7 chapters in all.  It is a little bit of history about how our economies have come and gone over the last 2000 years and it shows why we are faced with the need for change. And most importantly it shows potential ways we can build this new economy.

This is as big of a change as when we left the Agricultural economy and became an Industrial economy.  We will need new structures, systems and ways of creating an economy that deals with today’s issues.  We believe that an Integrative Economy makes that possible.  What we can’t do is remain stuck in our current system.  That would be as disastrous to our world as if we had remained tethered to an Agricultural economy!