The B Team…..a global shift to an Integrative Economy

On June 14, 2013, Richard Branson (Virgin Companies) and a team of business people from around the world launched “The B Team”.   And for all intents and purposes, this is a global call to shift to an Integrative Economy.

The primary platform they are advocating is to switch our economy from the current single bottom line to a triple bottom line.  This means a shift from unlimited growth and production in order to maximize profits for stakeholders to an economy based on People, Planets and Profit.

The difference is monumental of course–and is completely in coherence with everything we’re suggesting in an Integrative Economy. We’re excited and will be reaching out to the B Team to explore ways we could work together.

But the most important thing from our perspective is that Branson and the  launch of the B Team means we’ve ‘tipped”.  These ideas are now in the mainstream–and an Integrative Economy is possible. That’s simply fantastic news!