An Integrative Economy is an economy that confronts the realities of the 21st century.  We have 7 billion people on the planet, resources strained to a breaking point and technology that renders much of the work of the 20th century obsolete.   While that might look bleak, we believe it offers us an incredible opportunity to create an economy that could be the most vibrant economy ever imagined.

Under this section, you’ll find the 7 chapter booklet “An Integrative Economy: building the most vibrant economy ever imagined.  You can read the entire thing or just pick a chapter or two.

We’ve also produced ‘Vibrant Futures Series” which are short, one or two page papers around each of the main concepts of an Integrative Economy.  They are practical, tangible ways we could go about implementing an Integrative Economy.

And we’ve created a few power point presentations which give a quick review of the ideas but are generally best viewed after reading the “booklet” or Vibrant Future Series” sheets.