#4 ICV Outcomes and Benefits

Results from a New Community Business

Integrative Community Ventures (ICV) is a unique business perfectly matched for these times; the transition into a new knowledge-based Integrative Economy.  Just fifteen years ago we could not have imagined ICV and its new work platform.  But with today’s incredible challenges and changing economic parameters, now it’s almost impossible not to imagine this business emerging to meet the needs of the 21st century.  As a prototype, local, community-based Human Capacity Development enterprise, ICV offers a practical, tangible way to forge a strong path into this new economic landscape.

Every business starts with a mission and vision and the belief that the product or service they’re providing will benefit their staff; consumers or recipients of their efforts; the community at large and the economy as a whole.  Here are some of the outcomes and benefits that can emerge as ICV becomes a major business in an Integrative Economy.

ICV Business Results: 

Unique Work Experience:  When ICV comes online as a new place of employment it will offer employees an incredible experience.  HCDPs will be developing their fullest potential while fostering the same for the children, adult/children with disabilities and seniors who make up the daily work flow. Each work team is in charge of and responsible for designing these optimal outcomes.  This self-directed design team system parallels the outcomes that we want for the community involved.  Staff members, adults and especially children, will grow and develop an autonomous self while maintaining connections within the community.  Eventually these children will bring this life approach to their own careers in an Integrative Economy.

High Job Satisfaction:  We know that the highest job satisfaction comes from those who are able to be part of the workflow design and goal setting. This will be especially true at ICV.  The staff (HCDPs) with a minimum of management input is required to work together and set high goals for their work.

Ownership of Place:   ICV offers a sense of place; an opportunity to care for our own place.  All our staff (HCDPs) will live and work within a one mile radius of each other. Being connected at the neighborhood and community level creates an engagement with the local landscape; whether that’s deep within a fast-paced city or a rural setting.  This connection to place enables them to tap resources at the local level while protecting it as well.

Design Flexibility:  The ICV prototype will provide a basic organizational model for every work team.  Yet no two ICV teams will implement their organization in exactly the same way. There is a common bond between all ICV teams and each adds its own unique touch that they bring to their work. This enables ICV to be a “universal model” with a common language and understanding amongst every ICV team while continuing to respect individual ICV team’s needs. 

ICV Community and Economic Results

Supports Integrative Economy:  ICVs help to significantly address current economic and social challenges.  As successful local community businesses, ICV’s help to lower unemployment; to increase the quality of life; to set in motion environmental improvements; and to reduce demand on social services.  ICVs help to establish a new employment sector in the emerging Integrative Economy.

 Strong Communities ICVs are based at the community level.  They will revive and strengthen local communities.  The staff (HCDPs) lives and works in the community and is responsible for building a successful company that is integrated with the community at large and other local businesses.  The “Whole Person Framework” at the center of their work fosters mutual respect amongst all while empowering each to take responsibility for their lives, their family, and their community.

Interdependent Local Economy:  ICV contributes to an economy based on “quality of life” measurement instead of “quantity of stuff.”  It is a critical infrastructure component for the emerging new Integrative Economy.  As ICV grows, its influence and importance to the local businesses in their community becomes evermore a symbiotic relationship.